Our purpose is simple: to make you smile.

Sarah Kauzmann, founder, owner, and pastry chef of Pipit's Bakery


From our logo, to our otter-ly punny catch-phrase, to each one of our treats and sweets, our goal is to make you smile. This has been our founders goal from the very beginning.

Sarah discovered baking sitting on a corner counter in her parent's kitchen in Central Jersey. She soon realized one of the main reasons she kept baking was the smile she hoped would cross a persons face when they took their first bite (and their second and their third hopefully).

After grad school she baked professionally for two years before striking out on her own and starting Pipit's Bakery, a homage to her father's nickname for her growing up.

Her otterly adorable mascot came out of her love of those playful and fierce creatures. Plus, who can't not smile when they see an otter holding a wooden mixing spoon.




Sarah Kauzmann, founder and owner of Pipit's Bakery, grew up baking sitting on the corner counter in her parent's kitchen in Central Jersey. ​

After college and graduate school, she searched for something that sparkled joy in herself and those she worked with and for. It didn't take long for her to realize baking did just that. In 2018, she began working as an assistant pastry chef in a small town bakery. She moved up quickly, soaking up every bit of knowledge she could from the other chefs she worked with. ​

After many 12-20 hour shifts, she made it through her first holiday season (two pastry chefs and 800 pies through Thanksgiving and Christmas). ​

Two years later she could not be happier to go out on her own in this next adventure. Baking in a commercial kitchen located in Perkasie, PA, she's never been happier.

Sarah Kauzmann owner of Pipit's Bakery
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Sarah grew up in a tight knit family with wonderful parents and an older brother who all encourage her to follow her dreams and have fun in life.

​ To this day Sarah's dad often calls her and her brother by nicknames he came up with when they were children; there was FatBoy for her brother (lovingly given due to his chubby 9 pound weight when he was born), and, you guessed it, Pipit for Sarah. ​

Sarah always loved the name, thinking it fun and vibrant, and thought of no better way to keep her family close while starting a new adventure than to name it after them.


As you may have guessed, our favorite animal is the otter but the use of the otter goes beyond the liking of an animal. ​

Otters are fun-loving, playful creatures who are both adorable and fierce. They're an unexpected mascot for a baking brand which makes them perfect for us. ​

Our brand is all about fun, unexpected, and beautiful baked goods all run by a fierce lady in command. ​

We're currently looking for names for our fierce little otter! Send us your ideas: pipitsbakery@gmail.com.

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